Tuesday, September 7, 2010

another night offtap

so i was in Cairns for a weekend  a friends 19th birthday party weekend of booze and crazyness. after two days of drinking and visiting .. places where women were naked, we ended up at some club called the Woolshed, its insane, backpackers table dancing half naked = win. after about 6 hours there i lost my friends and the last thing i remember was walking out the front door. i woke up in a maxiTaxi with about 6 other people. i managed to sting some words together in a comprehend-able sentence "where are we going and why the shit am i in this taxi" and someone replied, "the international airport".. we arrived at the airport and they all left which is about when the taxi driver asked if i was getting out which i had to reply 'no' as i had no idea why the fuck i was there. she managed to figure out where i was staying (thank fuck one of us could) and took me home to the apartment we were at. to this day i have no idea who the other people in the taxi were or how i ended up in it on the way to the airport. story. finished.

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